Dr. Vijay Bhalla

Qualification Senior Radiologist DMRD, MD Radiodiagnosis

Experience 30 years

Dr. Vijay Bhalla

  • Has 11 years of experience in the Government sector and of having worked in several well reputed private diagnostic centres over the past 20 years.
  • Moved on to start his own private center in 2007 when he laid the foundation of Bhalla Ultrasound and Imaging Centre. He has vast experience with CT scan and MRI with a special interest in adult echocardiography which he performs at the centre.
  • Over the years he has earned a respectable reputation in the field of radiodiagnosis amongst his colleagues and is well known by the society for his humble nature and sincerity towards his genuine work.
  • He is an active member of IRIA and IMA and has held the reputed post of treasure in years 2014-16. He has organised several national radiology conferences and has delivered many lectures on his work.
  • His constant strive is towards the welfare of all his patients, rich or poor, young or old, fit or frail as age and time are boundless to him!

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