About Us

A team of qualified doctors specialized in radiology and gynecology dedicated to protect the unborn fetus who maintain international standards of fetal care and follow the FMF-UK and ISUOG guidelines in ultrasound and all other practices.

Our Services


A leading and complete diagnostic center in Amritsar, catering to every type of patient, mother and fetus. In addition to routine abdominal scans, KUB, pelvis, echocardiography we are performing specialized fetal scans for viability, TVS, combined first trimester screening (NT scan with FT biochemical screening), genetic sonogram, 3D and 4D fetal well being and Doppler ultrasound, fetal neurosonogram, scans for high order pregnancies and screening for pre-term labour and pre-eclampsia. Additional radiology facilities in the form of outsourced specialized biochemical screening, quadruple marker, CffDNA, and genetic testing and diagnosis for various abnormalities on amniotic fluid and placental biopsy by performing intrauterine diagnostic procedures such as amniocentesis and chorionic villous sampling.


Combined First Trimester Scan

Only center in Amritsar providing First trimester counselling and combined first trimester screening inclusive of Nuchal tanslucency scan and biochemical screening all in one sitting.

Updated Records

Records on entire pregnancy, ultrasound and radiologist procedures maintained under single ID for follow up of fetal growth of all parameters with specialised software.

Advanced Technology

Risk calculation is performed by radiologists with help of software accredited by Fetal Medicine Foundation-UK for Down syndrome, pre-term labour and pre-eclampsia.