Dr. Varun Bhalla

Qualification Counsultant DMRD Radiodiagnosis

Experience 5 years

Dr. Varun Bhalla

  • Has previously worked as consultant radiologist in several reputed hospitals of Amritsar and has five years of experience at Sri Guru Ram Das Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research, inclusive of three years senior residency.
  • He graduated with a diploma in radiology from the reputed institute, NKP Salve Institute Of Medical Sciences and Research Nagpur (CPS university) 2010. The enriching experience of which has made him a competent radiologist, well versed with ultrasound, CT, MRI, X-rays and specialized diagnostic and therapeutic investigations. He is well known for his ability to perform CT and ultrasound guided drainage procedures, FNAC and Biopsies. He has trained in specialized 3D and 4D ultrasonography. His constant desire to learn and achieve more has led him to organise several conferences with his participation as an active and executive member of IRIA-Punjab and has held the post of joint secretary and treasurer. He is updated with the latest technology required in the radiology field and is well known for his helpful nature towards colleagues in sharing the same. His perseverance towards knowledge and patient welfare creates a unique combination where his sincerity upholds the belief in his patients for him!

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